As a registered 501 (c ) 3 charitable organization The Protection Project is funded through both public grants and private donations. It is only thanks to this support that we can continue our work and strive to make an impact.

All donations, big or small are fully devoted to the implementation of the projects in one of our 7 areas of work:

Anti-Trafficking: Please consider donating if you would like to support our anti-trafficking campaign in the United States and abroad. Any donation you make will be devoted to organizing the Annual Symposiums on Trafficking in Persons in Washington DC, to conducting fact-finding missions around the world to collect data on cases of trafficking in persons, to publish reports on trafficking in persons and to conduct trainings for Government officials, law enforcement personnel, and NGOs on trafficking in persons. To learn more about our trafficking in persons initiatives, please go to our order online at “”>Areas of Work/Trafficking in Persons webpage.

  • Clinical Legal Education: Please consider donating if you would like to assist us in advancing clinical legal education in the Middle East and Latin America. Law clinics are an increasingly global means for advancing access to justice for poor and vulnerable members of society as well as for imparting in law students a sense of volunteerism and community service. Many vulnerable sectors of society in the Middle East, including women, children, the disabled and migrant workers, have very limited access to justice in the MENA region. By donating to this cause, you will help us establish and run legal centers at Universities in the region that can provide free and quality representation to these populations. To learn more about our clincical legal education initiatives, please go to our Areas of Work/Clinical Legal Education webpage.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Please consider donating to assists us in raising awareness among the business community in the United States and abroad on its responsibility in the promotion of fair business practices, respect of labor rights, transparency and anti-corruption practices.  The Protection Project promotes these principles through the organization of expert group meetings, publications and media campaigns in the United States and abroad. To learn more about our CSR initiatives, please go to our Areas of Work/Corporate Social Responsibility webpage.
  • Legal Reform: Please consider donating if you would like to support our continual efforts to help governments and regional and international institutions in building stronger and more transparent legal frameworks. By donating to this cause, you will support our training and capacity building programs on the harmonization of the law, reform of legal education in the Arab world, constitutional reform and model legislative drafting in the fields of children’s rights, domestic violence, rights of the elderly, freedom of expression, freedom of association and rights of migrant workers. To learn more about our legal reform initiatives, please go to “http://AreasofWork/LegalReform”>Areas of Work/Legal Reform webpage.
  • Promotion of Religious Dialogue: Please consider donating to this cause if you would like to support our efforts to advance inter-faith dialogue on human rights issues in the Middle East between the Muslim (Shia and Sunni) and the Christian Communities. By donating to this cause you will help us hold town-hall meetings with religious leaders to discuss the prohibition of Islam of trafficking in persons, organize programs to engage Muslim and Christian youth in joint community-development initiatives and write and publish reports on human rights in Islam and Christianity. To learn more about our initiatives to promote religious dialogue, please go to “”>Areas of Work/Promotion of Religious Dialogue webpage.
  • Enhancing Capacity of Civil Society: Please consider donating to this cause if you believe like we do that a strong and vibrant civil society is an essential element of a free and democratic society. By donating to this cause you will help us fund programs aimed at training NGO representatives, the media and academic institutions in becoming informed and active members of society, ensuring the accountability of the government and of regional and international institutions. To learn more about our enhancing capacity of civil society initiatives, please go to “”>Areas of Work/Enhancing Capacity of Civil Societywebpage.
  • Human Rights Education: Please consider donating to help us advance our human rights education programs, including: the fellowship program for international fellows, the field research program for US students, the internship program for undergraduate and graduate students, the dissertation program for PhD students, the Conference Prize for talented students to participate in International Human Rights Conferences, the Photography Contest for Photographers and Human Rights Activists, and the Association of Scholars in Trafficking in Persons. To learn more about our human rights education initiatives, please go to our “”>Areas of Work/Human Rights Educationwebpage.
  • To donate to any of these causes, please go to our donation form

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