Mohamed Mattar 2013Executive Director

Dr. Mattar has worked in over 75 countries to promote state compliance with international human rights standards and has advised governments on drafting and implementing anti-trafficking legislation. He participated in drafting the United Nations model law on trafficking in persons and he authored the Inter-Parliamentarian Handbook on the appropriate responses to trafficking in persons.

Dr. Mattar currently teaches courses on international and comparative law and has authored numerous publications for law reviews and the United Nations on international human rights and Islamic law, trafficking in persons and reporting mechanisms.

He received his Doctor of Juridical Sciences (SJD) and Master of Laws (LLM) from Tulane University, his Master of Comparative Law (MCL) from the University of Miami, and his License en Droit (LLB) from Alexandria University.


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“All around the world human rights are violated and abused on a daily basis. If we do not act, who will? It is time for all of us to join forces in the global fight for human rights.” – Dr. Mohamed Mattar

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