On November 27, 2007, The Protection Project launched the Association of Scholars of Trafficking in Persons, which seeks to create a forum for professors and scholars in the field of trafficking in persons.

In several national and international laws there is a mandate to study and raise awareness on trafficking in persons. One in particular, the Brussels Declaration on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings states: “Closer links should be developed with educators and Ministries of Education with a view to elaborating and including relevant and realistic teaching modules in school and college curricula and to informing pupils and students of human rights and gender issues. These subjects should specifically be linked to teaching young people about the modus operandi and dangers presented by trafficking crime, the opportunities for legal migration and foreign employment and of the grave risks involved in irregular migration.”

In accordance with that vision, the Association aims at promoting information sharing among experts in combating trafficking and serving as a platform for constructive dialogue in the field of international trafficking of persons. To this end, the Association engages the members of the network in joint initiatives, such as conferences and seminars and publishes syllabi and other resources to help study, teach, and ultimately end trafficking in persons.

Dr. Mattar’s speech at the Launch of the Association

View the Syllabi of the Members of the Association

Association of Scholars Membership Form

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