The International Human Rights Clinic, based at The Protection Project at The Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), is a program that aims at promoting education and information sharing in the fields of Clinical Legal Education, Human Rights Legislation Drafting, and Human Rights Research and Teaching.  The Clinic brings together scholars, practitioners, and students in human rights from the United States and abroad in an effort to build the capacity of legal institutions and civil society organizations in providing clinical legal education in the fields of human rights, access to justice, and promotion of the rule of law. The Clinic also aims at collecting and analyzing national and international human rights legislation for the of designing, in cooperation with experts from around the world, the basic principles and guidelines of human rights drafting. Finally, the clinic includes a student component that aims at promoting student participation in the clinical program and in the advancement of clinical education. The work of the Clinic is therefore divided into three main programs:

The Clinical Legal Education Network

The scope of the Clinical Legal Education Network is to promote the establishment of Legal Clinics at legal institutions across the world and especially in countries where there is an urgent need for increased access to justice for vulnerable sectors of society. The Network aims at strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations and students of law and international relations to effectively participate in the promotion of the rule of law in their respective countries by gathering expertise on human rights clinical education and sharing this information with partner institutions and other interested organizations. Over the years, The Protection Project has partnered with legal institutions from Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq in establishing Clinical Legal Programs for students to assist victims of trafficking in persons, victims of domestic violence, migrant workers, and victims of labor exploitation. In particular:

  • Egypt: Legal Clinic, Alexandria University Faculty of Law; Tanta University Legal Clinic; International Justice Center, Tanta; Legal Clinic, Menoufia University Faculty of Law; The Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Law, Zagazig University; Environmental Law Clinic and Consumer Law Clinic, Helwan University; Legal Clinic of Women’s and Children’s Rights, Assiut University College of Law; Legal Clinic and Moot Court Programs, Ain Shams University Faculty of Law; Clinical Program, and Pharos University Faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations.
  • Iraq: Legal Clinic, Baghdad Law School; Legal Clinic, Dhi Qar Law School; Legal Clinic, Diyala Law School; Legal Clinic, Babil Law School; and Legal Clinic, Najaf Law School.
  • Jordan: Domestic Workers Law Clinic, Jerash University Faculty of Law; Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) and Human Rights Clinic, University of Jordan Faculty of Law.
  • Kuwait: Legal Clinic, Kuwait International Law School.
  • Lebanon: Legal Clinic, Beirut Arab University Faculty of Law & Political Science.
  • Oman: Center for Conciliation and Arbitration Rules, Sultan Qaboos University, College of Law.
  • Palestine: Legal Clinic, Islamic University of Gaza Sharia and Law Faculty; Al-Quds Human Rights Clinic, Al-Quds University Faculty of Law.
  • Qatar: Qatar Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking Legal Clinic; and Human Rights Clinic, Qatar University College of Law.

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The Protection Project Expert Group on Clinical Legal Education

The Protection Project is pleased to be working with the a group of experts who significantly contribute to its programs on clinical legal education. Through a series of trainings, workshops, and conferences, The Protection Project has also established strong partnerships with academic institutions in several countries of the Middle East. The see the members of the Expert Group please click here.

The International Human Rights Clinical Course

The International Human Rights Clinic taught jointly by the SAIS International Law & Organizations Program and The Protection Project is designed to teach students skills for careers in international human rights advocacy and protection. These skills are taught through the use of simulations, discussions, case studies, and clinical projects. Each student taking the course has the opportunity to gain practical experience in international human rights protection and promotion through clinical work with The Protection Project. Such work may include, writing a human rights report, drafting a model law, conducting a fact-finding mission, developing human rights education materials and programming, etc. Moreover, students in the course may have the opportunity to participate in conferences and panels on international human rights issues.

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